Gastronomic stay in Théoule sur mer near Cannes

To get together for a weekend, to celebrate your summer holidays, the French Riviera offers an exceptional setting. And among the most elegant hotels, we find Tiara Yaktsa from Théoule sur Mer. A magnificent 5-star hotel near Cannes with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean bay. A true showcase of luxury and refinement, this 5-star hotel in Théoule sur mer is also a luxury hotel with a gourmet restaurant: the restaurant l'Or Bleu. At just 30 years old, chef Guillaume Anor is the chef of the Blue Gold cuisine. Enjoy a generous and southern cuisine by booking your table at Tiara Yaktsa.

Tiara Yaktsa is the ideal luxury hotel for all travelers looking for a gastronomic stay at Théoule sur mer.

The gastronomic restaurant l'Or Bleu

The gourmet restaurant l'Or bleu is open to everyone. Everyone will come to discover the refined cuisine of a chef who loves his region, his surroundings and his products. The Mediterranean offers its market basket while its experience, know-how and thirst for discovery take you to unknown, original and sophisticated flavors. Sublime plate renowned, L'Or bleu is also an exceptional setting. With its tables indoors and on the terrace, the view of the bay will be the first place where you will look and from where you will no longer be able to remove it. The horizon is open to you, the light of the South, the elegance of a vegetation on the side of rocks that you would think a painter would place there, it is this setting that enhances the chef's cuisine.

The restaurant is in line with this luxury hotel on the French Riviera. It is a real cocoon that offers a haven of peace and serenity. The elegance of the rooms, the 5-star facilities, the spa, the jacuzzi, the overflow pool, the alcove terraces in the heart of the vegetation facing the sea, the refinement of the rooms' decoration, all these are arguments to convince you of the splendor of the place, of their exceptional character. Luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant combine to make your stay an exceptional moment, a unique gustatory and relaxing break in a breathtaking setting.

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