A honeymoon on the French Riviera

The Yaksta, a perfect hotel for couples

The honeymoon is this magical, mythical journey, the one that forges a couple's memories for a lifetime. So behind this journey, we can only put images of the paradisiacal seaside, of a lush and green setting. We associate sensations such as the warmth of the sun, well-being, the serenity of a setting that is both exceptional and as if cut off from the world. We will look for these images far away, everywhere in the world, when it is so easy to spend your honeymoon on the French Riviera. It alone brings together everything that is expected from a unique and exceptional journey. No need to cross the planet, luxury hotels and enchanting surroundings are simply on the French Riviera, near Cannes.

Yaktsa, the meeting place for couples on the French Riviera

The ideal hotel for a Honeymoon on the French Riviera is the Tiara Yaktsa. This 5 stars dominates the bay of Cannes by being installed in the town of Théoule sur Mer. If it is perfect for a honeymoon, it offers a very elegant setting. Each room and suite, with a direct view of the sea, is a jewel of decoration and furnishing. Beyond the numerous and essential facilities of a hotel of this standing, it is above all of charm, this romantic spirit that we retain above all the rooms. Enjoy your honeymoon on the French Riviera with the Yaktsa, he will be able to offer you very beautiful moments with the gourmet restaurant, undoubtedly at the height of the event, or the spa, overflow pool and jacuzzi. They will be as many places and moments that you can spend together, as if cut off from the world. This The luxury hotel has made itself a speciality of newly married lovers by offering packages dedicated to the honeymoon that allow you to personalize your welcome and provide services that further enhance the exceptional nature of your stay. If everything here is only luxury, calm and voluptuousness, you will leave with memories in your head, memories that will forge your relationship for years to come.

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