An exceptional nature as a setting for the seaside restaurant in the 06 le MoYa

The seaside restaurant in the 06 le MoYa is one of the two tables of Tiara Yaktsa. This magnificent 5 star boutique hotel in Théoule-sur-Mer is simply one of the most beautiful establishments in the region.

Le MoYa, a seaside restaurant in the Alpes Maritimes for a special experience

At Tiara Yaktsa, you will enjoy a splendid view of the sea, the surrounding nature, the rich vegetation, the yachts cruising just a few miles from the coast. You can admire this spectacle from your elegant table at the starred restaurant l'Or Bleu. Or you may choose to get closer to the sea from the hotel's private beach, shared with Yaktsa's sister resort, Miramar. The seaside restaurant in the 06, the MoYa thus shares the clientele of two establishments of Théoule-sur-Mer for a dinner with your feet in the water, or almost. Just a few steps from the waves, you will dine on a cuisine based on sea products. There's a bit of showmanship in this kitchen too, to add a sensational touch to an already sensational environment, since all the grilling is done in front of you. This seaside restaurant on the Côte d'Azur, 10 minutes from Cannes, has everything to win your favor.

Le MoYa, a romantic seaside restaurant in the 06

It was necessary to be at least a member of the label Relais and Castle to offer two such different atmospheres in the same luxury establishment. But if there is a common point between the two, it is the romanticism that emanates from the place. The view on the sea, the surrounding nature, the prestige of the hotel and the restaurants, the nearby cities such as Cannes, Nice or Monaco offer an overall romantic atmosphere. To say yes, to celebrate a wedding, to meet as a couple, the MoYa is the romantic seaside restaurant in the 06 that you need. It is like living in a dream, in an exceptional room or suite, with the attention of a professional staff, in a sunny setting. Staying at the Tiara Yaktsa with its seaside restaurant in the 06 is like leaving France for another country: the French Riviera.

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