Hôtel Tiara Yaktsa · Côte d'Azur
best place to stay in french riviera



Relax in a soothing garden overlooking the bay

A discreet facade, an air of mystery drifts through an impressive open-worked wooden gateway. This entrance conceals a private paradise, a Zen Garden. Once through the entrance, the amazing Mediterranean views and dreamlike landscape are revealed. 

It is easy to imagine yourself in an oriental riad until, in place of an interior courtyard, you discover a garden with its scents of Provence.

You will quickly see your ideal place to lite. Choose shade or sunshine. Or gaze out over the sea from the balustrade, a glass of champagne in hand. A host of canopies are perfect for day-dreamers. A string of alcoves offers enchanting spots to sip an after-dinner drink.
The Hotel Tiara Yaktsa Côte d'Azur promises our guests a stay in paradise!

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