French Riviera hotel with jacuzzi in room, go to Tiara Yaktsa

A room with a private Jacuzzi in the PACA region is the ultimate in luxury, the most romantic and exceptional equipment to put in a room. At the Tiara Yaktsa in Théoule-sur-Mer, it's a natural.

Room with private Jacuzzi on the French Riviera, the highlight of an extraordinary establishment

The Tiara Yaktsa is an establishment of Théoule-sur-MerLocated in a magnificent cove, it redefines what elegance is in terms of hotels, and not only thanks to its rooms with private Jacuzzi on the French Riviera. This 5 star boutique hotel is a Provencal paradise. The rooms are inspired by the colours of the region, offering you the highest level of comfort and superb decor. Each room has its own personality and style, making the Tiara Yaktsa an establishment of great standing. The private beach, the starred restaurant, the infinity pool, all this makes for amemorable setting for this French Riviera hotel with jacuzzi in room.

A room with private Jacuzzi in the South of France, definition of the ideal room

At Tiara Yaktsa, we don't do things by halves. The rooms of this hotel with private Jacuzzi in Nice are located on the top floor of the establishment, on the roof terrace. You can enjoy the benefits of a whirlpool bath , the tranquillity of a space reserved for you and an extraordinary view of the hotel's gardens and the sea. From the height, you will enjoy a unique panorama in the whole Tiara Yaktsa. Your room with private Jacuzzi on the French Riviera takes on another dimension. And the jacuzzi is just the icing on the cake. The considerable space of the suite, about 90 m2, the modern equipment, the magnificent living room, the double bathtub and the double walk-in shower, all make this suite the ideal setting for a romantic weekend, for a honeymoon or for a stay completely out of time. And although the French Riviera is an incredible region to discover, in and out of season, it will be very difficult to get you out of such an exceptional nice hotel with jacuzzi in room.

All official measures related to the Covid 19 pandemic are applied in the establishment to ensure a safe stay. For more information, please visit this page.

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